From lambing to carpentry; experimenting with natural dyes to changing car wheels; all part of being a WWOOF-er. But what is WWOOF-ing all about? WWOOF is  World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms. There are ‘hosts’, people with organic small holdings, crofts, farms, gardens, mussel farms etc who are looking for help either on a seasonal basis ot at other times of the year in return for free board and lodging.

Over the years WWOOF ers have come to Papa Stour from many different parts of the world. Ranging in age from 18 to a lady in her seventies they have included students,a  vet, social care workers, a theatre nurse, teachers, a budding muscian and ballet dancer, and many others. All have one thing in common; they want to learn something about the crofting way of life and experience life on a remote island. But it’s not just a one way thing; hosts also learn a great deal from the WWOOF ers themselves. For those who might be interested in WWOOF ing more information can be found at WWW.WWOOF.org

Here are a few pictures of WWOOF ers ‘at work’ in Papa Stour.

constructing planticrub

sheep pedicure

cuddle with a sheep

finishing touches to chicken ark

changing car wheel

Busy Weeding

Grass Cutting

Clipping Sheep


One thought on “WWOOF-ing

  1. Hello,
    I would like to come and wwof on Papa Stour, in August or in September if august is full. I have no experience of woofing yet, but I am a keen gardener and worked until 2001 as a lanscape architect, and quite willing to learn and help for tasks not too strenuous.
    I have not registered yet as a woofer in UK, only in Ireland and Portugal, and will do it if you have a place for me.
    I can write plenty more details if you wish,

    best regards

    Brigitte Mortier
    F 31 370 Poucharramet

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