Formation of Papa Stour History Group

On Saturday 13th September 2003 ten folk met in the waiting room in Papa Stour to form the Papa Stour History Group. This was an open meeting and every household on the island received a written invitation. Councillor Frank Robertson chaired the meeting and Sylvia Jamieson from SIC Community Services also came to offer advice and support. A constitution was discussed and agreed upon. This was formally adopted at our second meeting in October. Office bearers and a committee were duly elected.

It had long been felt that Papa Stour should have such a group so as to preserve and record the wealth of history and archaeology the island has to offer. By having a constitution we would now be in a position as a group to apply for funding for various projects on the island.

Membership is open to everyone having an interest in Papa Stour and the History Group would welcome new members from around the world. There is no subscription although donations are welcome.

The group have, to date, produced two calendars using old black and white photographs, a set of postcards for sale and headed up several significant projects within Papa Stour including provision of gates and stiles to make for easier access around the isle and the partial reconstruction of the 13th century Norse Stofa.

For more information regarding the History Group please contact Jane Puckey on 01595 840619 or by e-mail;


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