Events since 2000

2001   Papa Stour was finally provided with public toilets and ferry waiting room that were officially  opened by Councillor Frank Robertson in November 2001.  Built by JH Builders in Lerwick and brought into the isle as a single unit by Delta Marine Ltd in the late summer 2001 it was towed up the old pier on a custom built tractor and installed on site by FLJ Ltd. This facility has been very well used over the years by visitors to the isle. Community events are also held in the waiting room.

It had been in July 1994 that islanders approached the Council asking for public toilet facilties in Papa Stour. In October that year a motion  signed by 13 Councillors at a Full Council Meeting calling for these facilties was approved. But it was not until 2001 that money was found to build the toilets, together with waiting room,  as part of building works for the new pier.

2002  The wreckage of the ill fated catamaran washed up on Kirk Sands.

Electric cable across Papa Sound supplying mains electricity to the isle breaks. Until repairs could be effected Scottish Hydro supplied each household with a generator. Diesal was stockpiled at the pier and a local man employed to check individual generators on a daily basis.

2003   Tullochs Construction Ltd began work on the new pier and breakwater.

Excavations by Dr Barbara Crawford and Beverley Ballin-Smith at the Biggins.

Formation of the Papa Stour History Group

2004    Excavations at chapel site on the Sneans and survey of Leper Colony at the Hill O’Felie by Dr Barbara Crawford, Beverley Ballin Smith and Nigel Melton.

2005   Official Opening of the New Pier and start of the Car Ferry Ro Ro Service

2006   September 16th re-dedication of Papa Stour Kirk  celebrating the 200th anniversary and completion of extensive repairs to building. The service was led by Rev Tom Macintyre with guest speaker the Rev Dennis Shepherd. The service was followed by refreshments in the ferry waiting room provided by the Papa Stour History Group.

Carol Service held in the Kirk

2007   Led by the Papa Stour History Group work began on the partial re-construction of the Norwegian Stofa at the Biggins.

2008    In early spring a new sub sea cable was laid across Papa Sound connecting PapaStour to the main grid once again. The cable had snapped for the second time in almost five years. This time however Scottish Hydro Electric sent in a single generator, sited at the pier,  that supplied every property in the isle with power until the new cable was in place. A tanker came in once a fortnight to re fill with oil.

Work on the partial completion of the Norwegian Stofa was completed and on 20th August was officially opened by Mrs Torill Selsvold Nyborg, County Mayor of Hordaland Norway.

In the late autumn Scottish Water moved in to start work on a new filtration plant and pumping station.

2009   Completion of Scottish Water new filtration plant and pumping station. Commissioning took place in the summer.

Papa Stour Kirk connected to mains electricity; heating and lighting installed.

Memorial Window in the Papa Stour Kirk undergoes repair and restoration.

In the autumn Shetland Islands Council started work on rebuilding and widening sections of the Papa Stour Road.

Carol Service and re dedication of memorial window in December

This page is still under construction.


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