Late nights, early mornings; abandoned lambs, difficult mothers; complicated births, tired shepherds; harsh north winds bringing rain, sleet and snow; and now lambing is finally over in Papa Stour! Most lambs were born unassisted and had good mothers; singles, twins and even triplets. Others were less fortunate and had to be ‘helped’ into this world. Some were abandoned by their erstwhile mothers and so became ‘caddy’ or bottle fed lambs! Here are some pictures of a family dynasty!

Kate with daughter Jocelyn

Kate’s mother Florence with daughters Lucinda and Thomasina.

Susie,mother to Florence, grandmother to Kate and great grandmother to Jocelyn, seen here with triplets!

Some lambs required assistance at birth but not for the squeamish!

A gentle feel inside to see if lamb’s head and or legs are pointing forwards or may be it is a breech birth?

Out it comes, head and front legs first, mother is tired so welcomes a helping hand!

Safely delivered and mother welcomes her new lamb by licking it all over. Soon it is up on it’s feet and looking for mother’s milk.

Some lambs had to be bottle fed their mothers’ either having abandoned them,  or were simply unable to produce sufficient milk to feed them. And so they become ‘caddy’ lambs! But of course most ewes are good mothers and looked after their lambs very well.

A good mother following her lambs to fresh pasture.

Two motherless Shetland lambs.

Ralph the sheepdog tolerates inquisitiveness of the Texal caddy lambs.

Apprentice shepherds, Martha and Katherine


Lambs playing in the evening sunshine


Lucinda and Thomasina


2 thoughts on “Lambing

  1. Well done Jane, I miss lambing but I dont think I could manage it now! Hope they all do well and grow into good lambs!

  2. Hello Jane,
    Goodness they grow fast- look at Thomasina! Great pictures.
    Hope all very well with you and all at North house. I’m at home a couple of days after our eastern european adventures before off again on Friday up to Skye,

    Hope you enjoyed the Jubilee- I missed it all.
    Very best wishes, martha

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