Some Notes

Notes taken from ‘The Medieval Churches and Chapels of Shetland’ by R. G. Cant.

In modern times the western extremity of the mainland (of Shetland) and the islands of Papa Stour and Foula have generally formed one parish known as Walls and Sandness or Walls for short. In the Middle Ages, however, Papa Stour had its own parish priest whose ministrations may have extended, in one’s priest’s district, to Sandness and Foula. The importance of Papa Stour consisted not only in its fertility, rivalling that of Fetlar, but in the fact that it was for a time at least an important administrative centre. Its chief church might have adjoined the royal residence mentioned in 1299, but that either was associated with the ‘chapel site’ at the Sneeans appears unlikely. The present church stands in an old graveyard, and might be the most probable location for its medieval predecessor.


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