This is a new blog to describe Papa Stour as it is today, together with up to date information for those who maybe would like to visit the isle or even choose to come and live here.

Papa stour, a small island lying in St Magnus Bay to the west of Shetland, has much to offer walkers, wildlife enthusiasts and those interested in archaeology and historical sites. For day visitors to the isle there is a comfortable waiting room close to the pier with tea and coffee making facilities. For those who may wish to visit for longer there is both self catering and B&B accommodation available.

From time to time property comes up for sale. Due to the challenges and uniqueness of life in a remote island it is recommended that potential buyers first come to view the property and spend a few days in the isle before making any decision to buy. It is also suggested that contact with the Crofters Commission be made so as to learn something of the responsibilities incumbant on crofters bearing in mind that Papa Stour is a crofting community.

Although still under construction please feel free to explore this site for further information as and when it is updated.